March 2nd, 2018

The State of Indiana has published the new immunization requirements for the 2018-19 school year.  Below you will find how the new requirements affect different grade levels.

  • Hepatitis A will be required for grades K-4, 6, and 12.  Requirements have been phased in the last few years, eventually to be required at all levels.  Hepatitis A is a series of 2 shots given 6 months apart.
  • Tdap and MCV4, as well as 2 doses of Hep A, are required for all students for grade 6. Parents of current 5thgraders should arrange appointments now.  If your student is not yet 11 years old, arrange the appointment for the few days after the birthday.
  • A second dose of MCV4, as well as 2 doses of Hep A, are required for grade 12. Parents of current 11thgraders should arrange appointments now so that the shots are completed prior to the start of school.

Please contact your student’s doctor now so that appointments are available and may be completed prior to the start of school.  The availability of appointments diminishes greatly as summer approaches.  The Marion County Health Department’s phone is 317-221-5700, and offers appointments on some days of the week.  In addition to private providers and the MCHD, other resources include Walgreen’s clinics or other pharmacies.  Please confirm for your particular insurance coverage and for minimum age, if applicable.